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223 rounds you like. You can penetrate a bear's skull with a 22 and it will 'possibly' die. Aug 11, 2016 · If you can do that — almost all calibers will achieve the objective of stopping a threat. You'll have time to set up the shot and wait for the right opportunity. 45 ACP vs. Bear aversion uses negative conditioning to modify undesirable bear behaviour so the animals don’t need to be killed. I carry a 10mm in the woods, but I wouldn't even trust that to take out a Grizzly bear. However, when I hunt in brown bear country, is there a load/bullet option that I might consider that'd be sufficient for brown bear? I realize that I'm not talking about the perfect Would you go against a black bear with a 9mm? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. A . If I was only going on a brown bear trip once, I would use this three part plan. If I thought there was a possibility, I would go with a 180-200 grain hard cast flat point bullet loaded as hot as the gun will allow. If a crappy shot or bear spray stops them or turns them, they were bluffing to start with. As the title says. . how about an elk. Jun 03, 2017 · Chuke experiments with Underwood Extreme Penetrator in 9mm with his actual bear head (skinned with brain in) to see if a 9mm is really capable of killing a b Grizzly Bear Vs 9mm: The Caliber Debate Gets Ruined For Many People Brandon Curtis. 10 mm for grizzly bear, 10mm for grizzly, 10mm for grizzly bear, 10mm vs bear, 10mm vs grizzly, 10mm vs grizzly bear, can a 10mm kill a grizzly, can a 10mm stop a bear, glock 10mm vs bear, glock 20 custom to kill a bear I suggest reading up on bears and forget the dual-fisted Indiana Jones fantasy. More than a couple people have died trying to take out a Grizzly with a . 44 Magnum, . 357 magnum cartridge to kill a black bear. 19 Feb 2018 The 37 cases include one that can fairly be described as a “failure”. But without eyes in the back of your head, falling down during the bear attack can be a serious danger. It took four people to load it into the truck, he said. Being chewed up by a bear would be bad enough, but then to take a 9mm round hit also would really ruin my day. Sep 26, 2008 · Pictures of an enormous dead grizzly bear with a man in camouflage holding up a giant limp paw have been circulating around the internet via e-mail recently. Calibers deemed too powerful for a bolt action can be handled quite safely in a strong, modern single-shot firearm. Killing a bear that is unaware of your presence is one thing. Can a  16 Jun 2017 brown bear guide in Alaska) killed one with a 9mm, buthe's killed lots and I' ve hunted Kodiak a couple of times and they can look really big as in When I was up in British Colombia hunting grizzly bears my guide was  14 Jan 2016 Though certain well placed shots of lesser guns can make killing shots, though they may A 9mm ricocheted off and hit someone else. 40 S&W Glock because they can get off more shots! 9mm, 45acp, 38 spl are all rounds that can kill but are not likely to do it fast and sure enough to suit most outdoorsmen who expect to encounter these bears in the wild. That’s right, a little 9mm pistol. Shoemaker then checked his pistol and realized he had only one round left, so he waited by his clients instead of walking up to be sure the bear was dead. . As the lead guy pushed through the thick brush along the river a very large grizzly bear stood up and took a swing at his head. My point is that a 50 BMG can deflect off a bears scapula and not penetrate any vital areas. May 10, 2017 · phil’s very special brown bear Phil Shoemaker is a world renowned and respected brown bear guide operating out of the Grizzly Skins Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula. Wishing to avoid an encounter, they hid off the side of the cut. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Jun 25, 2010 · Based on a few threads, some recent some old, I got to wondering about the following scenario You've got your fully loaded AR15 or equivalent, loaded with whatever . It seems that a lot of folks are interested in the question of whether the . 40 with hard cast outdoorsman rounds. Handguns have Everyone already forget about the . A hair-raising yarn describing this Too tired of repeating myself. So how much is needed for that giant moose or brown bear. Nov 04, 2018 · They saw a large grizzly bear coming toward them. And when you consider a grizzly can outrun a human, using a 9mm on it is like trying to save the Titanic by bailing water with a bucket. There were three instances in which . 338 or larger magnum if you can shoot it as well as  13 Jun 2018 “With the pull of my finger,” he said, “I just killed three bears. 5 hours untill the bear died. 4 What is the biggest black bear ever killed? 5 What gun will kill a grizzly? 6 Who would win in a fight a polar bear or a grizzly bear? 7 When was the last grizzly bear killed in California? 8 What is the most aggressive bear? 9 How many grizzly bears are left in the world? 10 Can a grizzly bear kill a polar bear? 11 Can a polar bear beat a lion? In most situations, the bear will act somewhere between curious and disinterested, and you will have the pleasure of viewing a grizzly bear. Or was it just total LUNACY? Aug 22, 2019 · Im not saying these bullets you posted cannot kill a bear, the 10mm is a proven bear killer. The biggest bear controlled the situation. Brown and grizzly bears are classified as the same species, Ursus kill animal forum poison, kill bear poison forum, killing a bear with a 45 acp, killing a mountain lion with a 9mm pistol, killing bear with pistol, lion killing gun, poison a bear forum, what gun will kill a mountain lion, what kinda gun kills a lion, what to use to kill a mountain lion, which xdm can kill a grizzly, xds 45 bear, xds 45 killed Aug 22, 2018 · The bear also reportedly slipped into Tietbohl’s garage in the days before it was shot. There is a HUGE size and muscular density differential between your average BG and a Grizzly bear. A 9mm to the head would have at least stunned it. 44 Magnum by my side”. 44 magnum . You might kill one with a 9mm, the bear might die from laughter or his high-protein diet. He rolled, drew the . I have the BB for both my M&P 2. I would tend to think that for Grizzly, a person would be better served above . They saw a large grizzly bear coming toward them. That means a big bore **** you up gun. By However, the purpose of this article is to suggest better and more reliable firearm choices for protection in bear country. 357 with a stash of Remington's 165 grain hunting loads. A bear can move lightning fast. The ballistic charts for the 9mm look marginal for a whitetail and definitley a short range weapon. He and his clients were very lucky the bear reacted the way it did after the first shot. That big grizzly was gonna kill both of them. 30-30. if you have good reason to believe they are trying to kill you (for instance because they're a bear and they're charging) in any jurisdiction I know of. Alaska Outfitter Defends Fishermen from Raging Grizzly with 9mm Pistol I know on the first hand that a 100# black bear can/did take 8 124 grn gold dots and stand and look at me at 15 ft. I hunt all seasons out west, Archery, Black Powder and Rifle (Handgun). Bella Twin, the . Very few handguns can stop a 600 lb. That particular kill was credited partly to the use of FMJ ammo, but still. 9mm has killed a number of grizzly bears even. As for other predators, Siberian Tigers are sometimes known to hunt and kill Brown Bears, but Tigers kill animals much larger than themselves using ambush. A bear attack is an attack by any mammal of the family Ursidae, on another animal, although it usually refers to bears attacking humans or domestic pets. Another 9mm vs bear: news article. 460 S&W with hardcast lead bullets are the preferred choices in a handgun. That might be a minimum for a few critters. 44 magnum or better it will require is going to give you exactly one chance in 2. LOCK. 9mm for black bear? This is a discussion on 9mm for black bear? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by Armymark Cute thread. This is a discussion on 9mm for bear defense within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I'm way OK with hunting and a quick kill of a game animal but chasing a bear down with dogs until it's exhausted and then Sep 21, 2013 · bear have been killed in defense with things like the 45acp 40sw and 9mm but shooting a bear with a pistol and successfully saving your life is more a matter of luck than any ability to effectively stop a bear with a handgun. In 1987 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Officer Lou Kis was relocating a 400 pound grizzly when the bear pulled the cage down off of the truck and Kis with it. How should we cook this Bear ? * also I heard they only bite once. Now I realize this would be a very difficult shot but if some of us can put a shot into a 4ince target at 25 yards, then we could hit a bear's head from maybe 10 yards with no problem. Feb 06, 2013 · Evidence of human-bear encounters even suggests that shooting a bear can escalate the seriousness of an attack, while encounters where firearms are not used are less likely to result in injury or death of the human or the bear. are barely capable of taking down a 200 pound person. Is there a standard or maybe average ratio of energy needed to kill per pound of animal? Say 400 ft-lbs minimum to kill a 200 pound white tail. I'm thinking if the 9mm can kill a bear as mentioned, then my 45ACP with the BB 45ACP 255 grain +P Hardcast FN should be just as good if not better. Re: Can a . Thread Status: Officers found the bear dead in a bathroom, surrounded by a pool of blood and scat. 9mm vs brown bear: video. If I had to carry one of my curent handguns in bear country, It'd be a . Our favorite picks for bear country defense and grizzly hunting Sep 22, 2017 · Ursus Arctos – the grizzly bear. (I have some of the slugs I will post pictures if I can find them. 357 magnum cartridge to kill a black bear within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Non-expanding bullets penetrate deeply, and do very little damage. Yes, a . Jan 03, 2019 · 3. I was well aware of the limitations of my  Gun enthusiasts will likely debate the merits of his decision to carry a S&W 3954 handgun in 9mm for defense for years to come, especially considering the fact  20 May 2012 But the real question is, will a 9mm kill a bear "before" the bear does (Now a 7' 0" 1,000+lb. When it was eventually found dead, it had 5 bullets lodged in its brain along with numerous rifle and pistol bullets of various sizes in other parts of its body. Remember, the addict weighs 350 pounds and is 6'6" and coming at you with an Axe. Yes, you CAN kill a bear with most service style handguns and sensible loads and proper placement. I used to do a lot of black bear hunting and though I used 41 and 44 mags they didn't seem really hard to kill. If you wanna see how bad you can piss off a grizzly bear that’s already charging to kill you. Grizzly Bear Attack in Montana Stopped with 9mm Pistols Ammoland ^ | 7 October, 2019 | Dean Weingarten Posted on 10/10/2019 5:31:29 AM PDT by marktwain. Walk away slowly, if the bear is not approaching. Read more about Black Bear Hunting with Foggy Mountain Guide Service. That is a predatory bear. I am an experienced shooter capable of pulling off a shot to the left eye of a mad Grizzly. This is a discussion on Grizzly bear gets killed by 9 rounds from Glock 21 45 acp within the Semi Auto Pistols forums, part of the Handgun Forum category; There was not much news coverage of my friends incident up on his place in Marias pass area here in Montana. avatar. You can get Aug 12, 2016 · The bear had plenty of time after it was shot to seriously injure or kill someone which many other mortally wounded bears have done. 22 LR can kill a deer, but its not the optimal round for a humane kill. AK: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzly with 9mm, July, 2016 1. Don't use hollow points. I always say the same thing: “I know nothing about bears but if I was in bear country I would want a . A 9mm from a few feet will also kill a black bear, and if you're that close, you should have no problem making a head shot. That's not happening. m. 54 cal black powder. Recently I have herd so called experts say that a hardcast LFN 9mm or a 10mm is best for Grizzly's because of the high velocity and slim profile of the bullet to get deep penetration. Nov 28, 2018 · I genuinely can’t even imagine in my mind what it’d be like to see a 1500 lb Grizzly bear in the wild. 1) Get above gun and learn to use. Of course, he chooses his guns for bear hunting and defense very carefully. The homeowner had fired several warning shots to scare the bear off, but just a couple of hours later, he was back and acting even more aggressively. Man kills Grizzly Bear with 9mm General Gun Discussion little piece of #9 Birdshot could kill a man or a bear or any other living creature if it hits the right spot. Period. May 20, 2012 · While a rifle would of course be the best choice for hunting a black bear, any weapon that's a reasonable choice for a deer or hog will do the job just fine. Bear attacks are of particular concern for those who are in bear habitats. Jan 28, 2018 · If you’re with me so far and you see in your mind’s eye the benefit of these high S. A large heavy bullet potentially can keep penetrating through the bear and maybe take out a rear hip. You’ll probably need handloads or custom loaded ammo to achieve this, but it’s worth the effort. They can be fatal and often hikers, hunters, fishers, and others in bear country take precautions against bear attacks. 3 May 2016 The grizzly bear known as Scarface roams Yellowstone National Park in grizzlies can be killed for coming into conflict with cattle and sheep. In North America, we have four species of bears. Biologists determined that the bear, a boar that measured 9' 6" from nose to tail (10' 6" from paw to paw), was The bear would most likely win, but it's pretty hard to imagine how they would actually fight so predicting the winner is really hard. All bears are intelligent animals and should be respected. If you're out an about, get to the nearby store, warn people about the bear, close/lock the doors, call the cops/animal control. Snow How to Hunt Black Bear can be read in the July/August 1995 issue of Handgunning. partner while trying to defend the partner who was being mauled by a grizzly. 10mm or larger for me from here on out. Grizzly bear gets killed by 9 rounds from Glock 21 45 acp. 338 Win Mag, 9. As long as the caliber is reasonable and a quality bullet is used, hunters kill game Because of the presence of brown and grizzly bears, many hunters have Only consider using a . Black bear are skittish, and will likely run away from you. If you're at home, lock the door and get the heavy rifle, just in case. In the New World, these would include the cougar, jaguar, black bear, grizzly bear, brown bear and polar bear. I was Grizzly bears have a much different mindset than the black bears species. What's the old joke about Grizzly bear scat having tiny bells in it and smelling like pepper? The 10mm guns that kill bear do so when they get lodged in the animals'  5 Oct 2016 Third, the statement is made that a 9mm “can carry more bullets. ) The bear stood on all fours looking at me and took 6 like he was being stung by bees no reaction of pain or so on. 45 ACP once It was all I had handy (On my hip)when the Bear charged. While firearms can kill a bear, can a bullet kill quickly enough --- and can the shooter be accurate enough -- to Jul 11, 2017 · VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Boy Uses Shotgun to Kill Charging Brown Bear in Alaska Elliot Clark used a shotgun to save his family from a charging brown bear in the woods near Hoonah, Alaska last month. Of course a long gun is always better. I did stayed at the Loadofbullshit INN last night. Jul 07, 2010 · Gee guys, Black Bear are not that hard to kill. Feb 14, 2008 · Any of these rounds 'could' penetrate a grizzly bears skull. 10 mm for grizzly bear, 10mm for grizzly, 10mm for grizzly bear, 10mm vs bear, 10mm vs grizzly, 10mm vs grizzly bear, can a 10mm kill a grizzly, can a 10mm stop a bear, glock 10mm vs bear, glock 20 custom to kill a bear Oct 10, 2019 · True that a 22 long rifle will kill a bear if you can walk up to it and shoot it behind the ear or between the eyes but as in this specific case the shooter never had a chance to make such a kill shot. If the bear charges, stand your ground (you cannot outrun it). Nov 19, 2019 · 9 Great Grizzly Guns for Brown Bear Hunting and Backcountry Defense. 40S&W for the purpose of defending you and yours against bear, you'd be best off choosing the fastest, heaviest FMJTC (flat point) that you can find for maximum penetration and planning on dumping as many rounds into the bear as you can possibly shoot in whatever little time you might have. D-If constrained to using a . Grizzly bears have a much different mindset than the black bears species. Unless you are really luck, probably not. 44 mag. The most dangerous situation is at night. You can see the dead bear to the left of Larry. With a knife, you'd have to keep stabbing it in the ass where it can't maul you and wait for it to bleed to death. 16  20 Nov 2018 on bear spray use” after a grizzly bear killed one of its hunting guides. But even more, he did not want to be mauled 4 1/2 miles from his skiff in dense woods and rough terrain. 124g bullets seemed to produce the most energy. The thing that madethis kill most interesting was the last shot—Goerg indicated thatthe bear was But then a plus-P 9mm really blurs the lines. A 500 magnum, maybe, if you can control it. AK: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzly with 9mm, July, 2016. Smelling of fresh fried bacon. 9mm, 45, etc. A grizzly bear is a formidable foe, having no issue whatsoever proving its dominance over human beings. bears were repelled (or killed) 84 percent of the time with handguns, and 76 Still, Waller believes that with time, spray will replace firearms as the deterrent of choice. :D May 07, 2012 · Shoot or Spray? The Best Way to Stop a Charging Bear While many gun proponents remain adamant that firearms offer better protection against a charging bear than pepper spray, a growing body of Aug 17, 2009 · Greg had to file a Defense of Life or Property (DLP) report after the incident. Calving ice, smelling dogs, 9mm for bear defense! How complicated can a wounded black bear be? A bear hovering 9mm for bear defense. ===== Glocks don't kill bears,people kill bears and bears can't bear arms. Well, yes. 44 Magnum (Aug 7, 2016) “We immediately found ourselves in a confrontation,” Kluting said. 3) Go home alive and sell gun What I did learn, is that generally a 9mm bullet is insufficient to kill a grizzly, and there was even a case where a grizzly bear had been shot over 100 times over a period of 20 years. It is illegal to buy armor piercing pistol rounds in both the US and Canada. What it won't do is stop a grizzly bear. BUSTA , May 7, 2009 . Jun 16, 2012 · The 9mm just doesn’t have what’s needed to stop a grizzly. Article link here If there were not such an extensive article, I would probably consider this B. 375 H&H rounds as if they are BBs. I despair when people say they would rather carry their 9mm or . But, if and I mean if, you can get 6 slugs into the head of the 400 pound wild boar you might have chance of stopping the animal with a 9mm. The wounded bear was still able to climb a tree with 3 legs. The drawback is that only one shot can be fired at a time. 45 kill a bear, can a 45 acp kill a bear, can a 45 caliber kill a bear, can a 45 kill a bear, will 45 acp kill a bear, The question is whether or not an 9mm FMJ, fired from a Glock, could kill a Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear, etc, if shot at point blank range in the skull? I know that Polar Bear's skulls are reportedly 4 inches thick, and an elephant's is 6 inches thick. 62 mm (isn't this the ak 47 round) 7mm 8mm would a grenade kill a grizzly bear if you threw it right under his feet. On 16 September 2019, Chris Gregersen and Donivan Cambell were bow hunting elk in Montana, in the Gravelly Mountains, when they were attacked by a grizzly bear. Sep 08, 2009 · If you encounter a grizzly, do not run. AK: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzly with 9mm In the last week in July, 2016, Phil Shoemaker had use a 9mm pistol to kill a grizzly that was threatening his clients and himself. 45 LC +P, . Jun 08, 2019 · If you can't put one in the brain or spine quickly, your not going to stop a serious charge regardless of what cartridge you use. 28 Jan 2018 A quandary for many “wanna be” Alaska sheep, goat, and caribou hunters is what to do about stopping grizzly and brown bear attacks. Aug 12, 2016 · It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. I shot it in the front leg to slow him down so I could get to My 30/06 Rifle in the truck . grizzly charging at 30 mph, but the . I hunt bears here in Alaska and also have hunted them in the Rocky Mountain States. grizzly Best boolit I doubt I will ever see a grizzly in the wild. Yes, the bigger cartridges do slightly more damage than a . No, I'm far more impressed by the hunter who tells me he snuck in to within 75 yards of a herd of elk, or never shoots at running game or at any animal beyond 150 yards. Fortunately for everyone involved, Phil stopped the raging brown bear with a 9mm pistol at close First a riddle: Why should you file off the front sight of your sidearm in bear country?* Now, to your question, “Can a 9mm bullet kill a bear?” Probably. Aug 10, 2015 · Barring a perfect or an extremely lucky shot, no handgun has the energy to drop a bear in its tracks. Outdoorsmen should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear droppings. The Grizzly bear is bulletproof to quite a few firearms, between it's thick hide and layers  8 Feb 2015 In a year I should have plenty of disposable income, but will spend the summer just outside of yellowstone in prime grizzly country. In Alaska, meat is often removed from a kill site via a frame pack and two strong legs, and all that blood creates a scent trail like a flashing All-you-can-eat buffet advertisement. The "most likely" . At a min arm yourself with a . 45 from a 1911 . 40 S&W, 10MM, . I sometimes get asked what should be carried in bear country. What would likely happen is you shoot the bear and those bullets stop just under the hide in some muscle and you now have a very angry bear. Another hiker shot an Alaska bear dead. I don’t use hot loads, either. See page 60. 357 magnum seven shots of . 45 ACP, but we are talking about animals that can sometimes soak up . 375 H&H Magnum and . Yes  25 Feb 2018 The 37 cases include one that can fairly be described as a "failure". A wolf pack constitutes a somewhat different type of deadly threat. Answer what bullets would kill it and where on the grizzly bear. To stop a grizzly attack, you will PROBABLY have to kill it, but sometimes all you have to do is to hurt it badly and the bear will become dissuaded. It was probably only a few yards away. In short more mass for the bullet to deal with. Bears that visit campgrounds, bird feeders, and garbage cans almost never kill people, even though these bears have by far the most contact with people. D. I was well aware of the limitations of my 9mm pistol, even with Buffalo Bore ammo. But at least the Katana gives you a chance to kill the bear with one blow. 357 for either? I'm assuming 125 gr JHP (man-eaters) wouldn't be the first choi Experience has taught me that too much can go wrong in such a situation-not to mention the fact few animals can travel as far, or as quickly, as an ells can when wounded. Avoid direct eye contact. It's called a "pizzly" or "grolar" bear, and is so rare only a handful of sightings have been confirmed in the wild -- and no one can say for sure how many even exist. Given the knowledge that you WILL encounter a large aggressive Grizzly bear today would you choose to carry your pistol (any caliber) or the choice of a heavy rifle or 12 ga Just wondering what most would consider the minimum size handgun for Black bear and Cougar? Or more directly, would a . Of course you would not take the . What animal can kill a grizzly bear? A Giraffe would also be able to fight a bear, one kick or head swing can kill a Lion. bear to kill his wife a 9mm. Sep 06, 2019 · Phil Shoemaker, an experienced Alaskan hunting and fishing guide, was guiding a couple of clients on a salmon fishing trip in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska when they had a close range encounter with an angry bear. 458 Winchester Magnum. 2016, Phil Shoemaker had use a 9mm pistol to kill a grizzly that was threatening MT: Grizzly Bear Killed After Biting Warden in Montana Forest June 26,  11 Oct 2019 Canada Black Bear gets DROPPED with our 9MM TUI™! AUTOPSY INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE VIDEO - VIEWER DISCRETION IS  17 Sep 2017 With a American black bear yeah it could if you shot it enough times since they're considerably smaller than most other bears. Even the . 357 Sig, . The velocity is around 1100 fps. The pounding woke Jim's son, Montana, who ventured from his bedroom to the front room to see what he could see about the nuisance. Knowlton said state wildlife officials came and picked up the carcass. I think a . 357 Magnum. 45 is all I would All my gun hunting is with . My wife has nothing but her Ruger Bearcat to carry when she isn’t hunting and packing her 7x57, so I want her to have something more better. One time Smith watched as one bear held 24 wolves at bay at a carcass. I think the 9mm would be ok for that use. The 9mm won't kill the Bear and you are just going to piss him off. Generally you can back out, and the bear will just slink off. A largish black bear, say 400 lbs, decides he want to eat you. The question is whether a big-bore handgun can incapacitate a brown bear before it harms you. You'll be thankful you have the biggest gun you can. Heres what the guys states first: "I just came back from Barren Ground Grizzly Bear hunting, and I got a almost 8 Sep 26, 2018 · I am aware of one well known recent case in which a brown bear was killed with a 9mm handgun. If all you have is a pointed stick then then that's what you'll try to kill the bear with but if I'm going into known bear territory then that means that I can pre plan my shit and prepare accordingly. Info about Maine Bear Hunts with Foggy Mountain Guide Service. A Grizzly Bear is apparently only 1/4th an inch thick. ticked off "Grizzly" and carrying a . 300, . Can you spell shot placement? the wardens call it a good kill can you keep the bear meat? magic a 9mm will Oct 23, 2019 · Lawrence Michalchuk of Bella Coola, British Columbia recently got a firsthand lesson about how quickly things can go wrong with those bears when he tried to scare a sow and her cubs off his lawn with a shotgun. It worked. 500  10 Aug 2015 Bear attack scenarios are highly variable, and can range from giving you bear on the Kenai Peninsula was killed with three shots from a 9mm  23 Apr 2019 We go over 5 of the best bear and Grizzly defensive guns from shotguns to rifles and We understand how difficult it can be to find the right firearm for animal self -defense, Best 9mm Ammo [2020]: Self Defense & Range Shooting Elmer Keith was the first person to kill a polar bear using . 24. You would be better off with a high capacity 9mm or . Provided the person is extremely well trained in unarmed fighting that is. In short order he realized the bear was in fact dead and his clients were safe, saved by a 9mm semiautomatic handgun in the wilds of Alaska. Odds are you won't kill the bear before it attacks you with a 9mm but WORST case, at least if it's "on top" of you, you'll be able to shoot it in the head several times. Feb 29, 2008 · Would a: . 2) Bag bear on hunt if possible. 45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to park officials. CASE STUDY: Alaska Outfitter Kills Raging Grizzly With 9mm Pistol. But the bear would be VERY upset with you, and would show displeasure by chewing you into Oct 07, 2019 · A pair of bowhunters in Montana were attacked by a grizzly bear on September 16, 2019. I was The woman I was guiding said that while she did not remember smelling the bear’s breath, it was close enough to her face that it could have bitten her! I have killed enough bears to know how important shot placement can be, even with large-bore rifles. maybe your partner will hear you die screaming and can shoot it with his 10mm. In the last week in July, 2016, Phil Shoemaker had use a 9mm pistol to kill a grizzly that was threatening his clients and himself. However, it can but will not likely kill it before it has the chance you maul you given that it chooses to do Oct 19, 2011 · Any cop can tell you stories of guys that have been hit by 6 or 8 shots with a 9mm, and they don't even rate "critical condition" when they arrive at the hospital. They stopped the attack with 9 mm pistols. Problem is, I can't seem to find a good +p fmj out there. 45ACP handgun to shoot and kill a 9ft tall grizzly bear that repeatedly tried to break into his home. 50 mag would fare a little better than a . But it won’t be pretty and you may not live to tell the tale. A 9mm from a few feet kills deer. Jan 13, 2014 · I probably would, too. 4. Can a pistol kill a grizzly bear? A few can if your lucky. Say . That's with less than 2 min on google. A shotgun loaded with slugs (12g) would Grizzy killed with HI Point 45 ACP. Will a 9mm kill a bear? Sure, I have read accounts of people killing grizzlies  17 Oct 2018 He's small and will keep the bear busy while I run away. The wolves had taken down a bull elk, but the bear took over the meal. Assume penetration and expansion is not an issue. Jan 14, 2013 · Those two bears are renowned to be harder to stop and to kill with firearms because of their body compared to the black bear. For me, I want the bear spray deployed. This is a discussion on The "most likely" . I got a life lesson with a huge black sow and a 40cal last fall. 357 mag vs. 357 suffice or would the . 357 Magnum was used for bear defense, and here is where we find our failure. 10mm for Grizzly protection Can it kill him? Of course it can and with several hits it would probably die eventually by not before he ripped the shooter apart Now it is said that the . 454 Casull, and . There was a guy in Canada not long ago who shot a pissed grizzly 9 times with I believe a 30-06. I then Killed it with the rifle from under the tree, and the bear almost landed on top of me. If you feel comfortable with your hunting partner firing at a bear chewing on you during a panic-stressed situation, then arm your buddy with a big bore. Black bear droppings are smaller and contain lots of berries and fur. You aim for his head, the bullet penetrates his skull and scrambles his brain and he dies. Brown Bear At 3:30 a. Regular 9mm sucks but 9mm fired through a Glock will kill anything. I load for a MP Shield 9mm and pack it when I'm not bear hunting or not in griz territory (G40 10mm in Griz country with 200g hardcast and XTPs doing nearly 1400 fps). 357 Magnum kill a bear? Maybe, depending on what kind of bear and what kind of ammo and length of the barrel. 45 on purpose to a bear hunt but it is notable that it can kill even a bear when shot well. If you are seriously worried about a bear attack, carry a large bore rifle or shotgun with slugs. Some accounts say 30 feet. The incident has been described in many articles, including this one by the man who did it. I'm curious because people make it sound like its not possible at all. I don't think your well versed in firearms, to completely disregard pistols as bear guns. You can always kill in self defense if your life is in serious danger* from the animal or even person you're shooting, e. I have had some real spooky bear encounters. read more Bear hunting seasons are held in both spring and fall in some areas but only in fall in other areas. Oct 02, 2018 · As to caliber I see both sides of the debate. Will a 308 kill a grizzly bear? Yes it will, given good bullet placement. go ahead and shoot it with a 9mm. 3. I have seen them hit with rifles that had over 2000 ft lbs of energy and they didn’t stop and a 9mm is not near that powerful. If you are deep in bear country carry open. Grizzly Bear Shot By Backpackers Two backpackers, a man and woman, encountered a grizzly bear last Friday evening while hiking in the dense brush along the edge of Tattler Creek, which is at the west end of Igloo Canyon, approximately 35 miles from park headquarters. Jul 13, 2010 · OK, don't want to start the whole, "Is the 45 acp good enough protection from bear" debate again (it's what I have and isn't changing), but I have read that ball ammo would make more sense for this purpose than hollow points or self-defence rounds due to extra penetration, makes sense to me. Add some actual intel like the 9mm stopping a charging Alaska brown bear (aka grizzly), and the universe just expanded. 3 X 62, or even . 0 45ACP full-size. 9mm? Reply. Yet shoot a bear in the head with a 500 S&W or a 9mm and the bear will drop and die with either shot as long as the bullets are stout enough to penetrate the skull. What do you all think? I've been in on killing 26 grizzly/ brown bears while guiding in Alaska. Just the fresh hide off a big brawn bear or polar bear can weigh as much as a 250 to 300 lb black bear. It also depends on where you shoot the bear. 40 cal pistol. Your right though, people on hunting forums will argue to death about their favortie calibers. There’s no science in that. Another time, he says there were 10 wolves and four bears on a wolf kill. 357 can kill a bear. By Syd. Had my free breakfast this morning, and am ready now. I found that it appeared that generally, of the heavier 9mm bullets weights, the approx. g. In the rare No way you are going to kill a Rocky Mountian grizzly with 9mm before it kills you. 308 at a minimum- 30-06 or . The bear kept the guy up a tree for 4. May 31, 2010 · A grizzly bear that emerged from a thicket and charged two backpackers in the backcountry of Denali National Park and Preserve was shot and killed by one of the two who was carrying a . Young reflexes saved him, as he ducked and the bear hit the pack, knocking him down. ” Grizzly Bear This case illustrates how effective it can be at stopping a grizzly bear. Grizzly Bear killed with PF-9 in Alaska? Well, not exactly, it was with a similar gun though, firing 7 total shots to kill the bear. For all we know the gorilla would go for the legs and chew through the grizzly's asshole or the grizzly could swipe the gorillas face then stomp on him lol. To clarify, consider this . Jan 19, 2018 · 23. 30 cal. Oct 23, 2019 · How to Pick the Right Sidearm for Backup Bear Protection Two experts square off on their picks for the ideal bear defense handgun By Will Brantley , Bryce M. You’re backing away as an 800-lb brown bear, black bear, or grizzly bear is charging you at close range. 30-06 can take any game in North America. AK: Successful Bear Attack Defense with . But the real question is, will a 9mm kill a bear "before" the bear does signficant damage to you. He had hiked up Humpy creek instead of following In this case, an Alaska man had to use his . (It's coming right for us!). 500 (handgun) 30-06 . Feb 26, 2020 · In these cases, the grizzly is almost always the victor. 44 Magnum. Alaska Outfitter Defends Fishermen from Raging Grizzly with 9mm Pistol If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 44 for bear country, because he had killed a lot of black bears, until I had him do  18 Aug 2011 When it comes to bears, the term "Less is More" does not apply. Poll 100 big-game guides in Alaska on the best round with which to kill a grizzly bear, and not one of them will name this Mar 11, 2010 · In THEORY, any bullet MAY kill a bear. Towsley , Tyler Freel , and John B. You might need it at a convenience store on the way if not in the woods. 375 H&H. A man shot a grizzly bear on his front porch near Man shoots grizzly near West Yellowstone; state says "case of self-defense" The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team has counted a total of I'm considering getting a . who shot and killed a grizzly bear with a 147gr, 9mm from a S&W 3913. 0 9mm and my M&P 2. 338 Winchester Magnum, . they are the only deterrent that can lethally stop an aggressive bear,  4:18:38 PM EDT. Seriously, any good personal defense handgun caliber will kill a Black Bear, . Backing away from an attacking animal or person is natural and can be effective. Was it just luck, was it skill, was it a combo of both. His guiding area includes several of Alaska’s natural wonders as his homestead is located in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. A search term that seems to bring a lot of people here is some combination of Grizzly Bear and . That’s far more than I would have credited a 9mm cartridge’s capability. I won't be getting this pistol for the purposes of bear protection. Non-lethal bear management combines bear aversion with proactive bear management strategies such as effective waste management, education and enforcement to provide a more holistic approach. Not a pea shooter (that's what an ar is to a bear ). 44 mag or fatally wounded the Grizzly before the Grizzly fatally wounded them. What we can decide is what sort of sidearm we'll pack in bear country. he used a Colt in 38 super and killed a bunch of black bear and cougers out of trees with it. A 45/410 sounds great but the Judge is next to useless as a field gun because it has poor accuracy with 45 and very poor pattern through the rifled barrel with 410s. Nov 18, 2014 · I have a sub compact compact 9MM. 45 ACP, even 9MM. A . Definitely wouldn't be my first choice, but there are documented cases of a 357 stopping charging bears. A buddy of mine sent me this awesome story about an Alaskan outfitter who defended fishermen from a raging grizzly and killed it with his 9mm pistol. Best thing you can do is be familiar with bear behavior and try to avoid confrontations. I'd recommend FMJ. It is illegal to kill cubs and females with offspring. The 9mm pistol would not quickly, humanely or safely kill a bear. Nonresident brown bear hunters are required to have a guide or be accompanied by an Alaska resident who is a relative. police in alaska take a 12ga with slugs if they think a bear encounter is remotely possible. According to Alaska Dispatch News, Can a pistol kill a grizzly bear Tyler Freel has spent more time around big, Alaskan brown bears than most outdoorsmen would ever hope to (or want to). 357 Magnum provides adequate protection against grizzly bears or not. 44 Mag ammo, and +P 10mm, I can say through experience, that shooting a +P 9mm, even through a mouse-ish pistol like the G43 is nothing to fear. Aug 26, 2016 · I have been in that situation a lot, you are going up a creek, you see a bear, you back up. 300 Win Mag would be better. 7 May 2012 If you picked A, you just made the bear's dinner menu. , long-shank bullets, you understand how you can make your sheep rifle a bear stopping rifle. 5 seconds to hit that bear precisely in the heart or brain. big 500 S&W has little more energy than a . A handgun is better than nothing, but whether it's a 9mm or . one morning, Jim Landess heard banging on his Sterling, Alaska, home. So, when planning to stop grizzly attacks, it is best to use a cartridge that will kill it—the quicker the better. I ought to make up a standard post, copy it, and post in these frequent bear threads. The bear did not appreciate his actions and he ended up having to shoot the charging grizzly when it was a few feet away from him. These are the black bear, grizzly bear, brown bear (a sub-species of grizzly) and polar bear. Don’t scream or 115gr FMJ (you can say +P), to the center of his forhead, woud it kill the bear. My primary carry gun is a 9mm that I have loaded with winchester ranger 115 gr +p+ about a . But the bear kept coming closer and closer. so 2 to 1. Nov 29, 2018 · Valerie Theoret, a sixth-grade teacher in Canada, and her 10-month-old daughter were attacked and killed by a grizzly bear in a remote area of the Yukon. 9mm against mountain lions coyotes and black bears? could a 9mm save your life in a black bear or mountain lion encounter? IF GUNS KILL PEOPLE THAN I CAN BLAME MISSPELLED WORDS ON MY COMPUTER GRIZZLY BEARS First, not all bears are the same. You won't need them to kill a Grizzly bear anyway so it doesn't matter. Could it kill a grizzly? Once again  10 Aug 2016 I have killed enough bears to know how important shot placement can be, even with large-bore rifles. Until about 10 years ago, few believed this hybrid grizzly-polar bear even existed in the wild at all. Oct 28, 2014 · The attempt would not be a good idea. It is likely that the 9mm to the butt never penetrated past the pelvis let alone to any vitals. Having experience with bears, +P . You can't count on a bear "spinning" after the first shot allowing you to keep shooting as the vitals present themselves. It Jun 16, 2012 · A grizzly is the king in so far as wild animals are concerned. It's thick muscles and hides are incredibly tough and can take lots of hits without slowing a grizzly. For smaller bear, like the black bear, I'd still want nothing less than a . 308 . Nov 07, 2009 · So what I am getting at is the 9mm is NOT good bear protection but if you have no choice don’t aim for the head aim for the boiler room. When I am Bow hunting I want protection from Grizzly's. A lesser shot with a hand cannon or a rifle may kill the bear but after he has mauled you for a minute or two. Aug 16, 2016 · [The bear] dropped within 6 feet of the last shot. Personally I don't see why a Grizzly would need a 9mm If I'm going into bear country and can't carry a shotgun or rifle I'm going to be packing the biggest handgun I can. 9X19mm you  11 Aug 2016 CASE STUDY: Alaska Outfitter Kills Raging Grizzly With 9mm Pistol “I have killed enough bears to know how important shot placement can  23 Oct 2019 What's better for a bear back up gun: a magnum revolver or a 10mm auto? Anybody who can shoot a 10mm can very quickly learn to shoot a I have killed and seen killed in the range of 45 black bears and 16 grizzlies and brown bears. Nov 20, 2018 · This article highlights the overall success rate of bear spray, but a 1998 study on the Field Use Of Capsicum Spray As A Bear Deterrent said, “One caution regarding generalizing our results is that in the 1 instance where capsicum spray was known to have been used on an adult grizzly bear with cubs that charged from a nearby ungulate carcass D-If constrained to using a . If I'm somewhere I'd expect to only see a black bear, I usually just carry a 45 with FMJs and an extra mag. Cue the pointless debates. The woman I was guiding said that while she did not remember smelling the bear’s breath, it was close enough to her face that it could have bitten her! I have killed enough bears to know how important shot placement can be, even with large-bore rifles. I’m almost tempted to call it a failure-and-a-half, because another victim I saw a show one time where a black bear attacked a family in TN, the bear mauled her then carried off and killer her 6 year old daughter. Jun 03, 2010 · I shot a Black Bear with a . Nowadays, I have a 44 Magnum that I carry for Bear Protection, when I can’t carry my rifle. 460 rowland grizzly bear, can . Kim did not want to shoot the bear. Just about any big-bore handgun will kill a brown bear given enough time. The main photo (embedded to A 9mm pistol has the potential to kill a bear. 44 Magnum pistol in his chest holster and emptied it into the bear, ending the encounter. You can create any number of scenarios, of 45 Colt can match 44mag in a good gun but like Will says the Judge isn't up to it. This article is about using a handgun for defense against large predators, principally bears and large cats. Will a tree make noise if it falls in the woods? Does a liberal come in three genders? 9mm will kill a bear but so would an arrow. 50 and . Grizzly bear droppings have little bells in it and smell like pepper. Skip to comments. MT: Grizzly Bear Killed After Biting Warden in Montana Forest June 26, 1987, . Therefore you can’t just say that a grizzly can take a 9MM and a gorilla can’t just because your friends would feel more comfortable shooting one over the other. That is where . One hunter said bear spray would not have worked. 44 be more appropriate? What loads would be reasonable in the . If it’s a grizzly or brown bear your dead meat if you shoot it with a 9mm. 357 load. S. 22 used to take the 1953 World Record Grizzly, and More On 10 May, 1953, Bella Twin was hunting small game with her partner, Dave Auger, along an oil exploration cutline south of Slave Lake. 45 at home. If a gorilla has a stronger bone density than a grizzly than it will not only be able to take a 9MM like a grizzly but potentially even more than that. Practice to get real comfy with the loads. She was 63 years old. I feel much better carrying my 45 as a woods gun when it's loaded with Buffalo Bore. However, I would look for a firearm in the power range of a . If a bear comes in your tent, fight for all you are worth. The 750,000 black bears of North America kill less than one person per year on the average, while men ages 18-24 are 167 times more likely to kill someone than a black bear. May 07, 2009 · If you shoot a grizzly bear point blank in the head with a 9mm pistol, would you kill it? Discussion in ' Teh Vestibule (archive) ' started by B. You need to be able to drop it and drop it quickly. The bear got so close that Bella Twin thought it less risky to shoot the bear than to not shoot it. A Black Bear is minimum 150 pounds and max out at 550ish. 44 mag if my life depended on it, or maybe a hot . 357 Magnum A handheld bear killer, the 10mm may be the perfect sidearm when a grizzly charges. A katana will give you a longer reach than the bear, and if you catch it from behind, you can gut it. 44 mag is the best caliber for the woods for most folks but don't leave the . Yea, there are stories of this caliber and that animal - just like fish stories I think a lot of times - or just bull. 44 mag has taken many Grizzly’s, but you’d be a fool to hunt one with a . 357. That’s just the hide! Aug 26, 2012 · 9mm vs Black Bear Discussion in ' less powerful than a 9mm). But why take a chance. Single-shot rifle calibers recommended for grizzly bears include . Where I'm at, we have both black and brown/grizzly bears. Have you ever seen how fast a grizzly can move? Also consider your in the woods, so you may not notice a bear until your 10-20 yards away. I am not talking about hunting; I am talking about killing a Black Bear at 10 to 20 feet. 223 7. can a 9mm kill a grizzly bear

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